After the Eighth Project

After the Eighth: An Ethnography of Abortion Liberalisation in Ireland

This project is about the liberalisation of abortion in the Republic of Ireland following the repeal of the Eighth Amendment in 2018. Specifically, it is a project about transitions: from illegal to legal, criminal to medical, right to practice, and more. Working at the intersections of medical, political, and legal anthropology, the project uses the recent expansion of abortion services in Ireland as an opportunity to ethnographically explore how abortion law reform plays out on the ground and the questions it raises. How does this reform map onto other shifts in the political and cultural landscape ā€“ for example, in relation to the roles and responsibilities of women, Ireland, and its institutions? What continuities and discontinuities emerge between the old regime and the new? And to what extent are these shifts ā€“ between domains, between regimes ā€“ complete or partial, and where are the sticking points along the way?

Want to Get Involved?

To answer these questions, I am interviewing a wide range of people about their experiences and perceptions of abortion in Ireland and how things have changed since the 2018 abortion referendum. Interviews typically last around an hour and can be carried out remotely or in person, at a time and place of your choosing.

Unless you choose to waive this right, your interview will be treated as confidential; this means I will change your name and identifying information to ensure that no one besides myself knows that you contributed to the project, and you will not be identifiable in any resulting publications or outputs.

If you are interested in being interviewed, please register your interest using the form below and I will be in touch with further information and to discuss next steps.

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