My Research

I’m currently conducting research for a PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh.

The Project: ‘After the Eighth: Abortion and the Politics of Reproduction in Post-Repeal Ireland’


Background: On 25th May 2018, Irish citizens voted to repeal the 8th Amendment (the country’s constitutional ban on abortion) and replace it with new, more liberal legislation. My research seeks to explore how the liberalisation of abortion has been perceived and experienced by those on the ground, and how it articulates with other changes in Ireland’s sociocultural and political landscape.

Methods: Using ethnographic research methods (participant observation and interviewing), I’m working to collect qualitative data on the insights and experiences of individuals with diverse personal, political, and professional ties to abortion.

Aims: Overall, this project aims to advance understanding of the sociocultural and political role that abortion occupies, both in contemporary Ireland and further afield. It also aims to provide insights and data about Ireland’s new abortion services that can be used to improve future abortion policy and provision.

Want to Get Involved?

I’m currently recruiting interviewees for this project, to learn more about how different people have been impacted by Ireland’s former and current abortion laws. I’m particularly interested to hear from:

  • Campaigners
  • Policymakers/lawmakers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Individuals with experience of abortion

Interviews can be conducted at a time and place of your choosing, either in person (at a later date when Covid-19 no longer presents a risk) or remotely. Unless you choose otherwise, participation will be confidential and your name and identifying information will be changed to preserve anonymity.

If you’re interested in participating, please get in touch using the form below to learn more.


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