Recommended Reads

Want to learn more about reproductive rights in Ireland? Here is a list of resources that I’ve found helpful.

Academic books

  • After Repeal: Rethinking Abortion Politics (Browne & Calkin 2020)
  • The Irish Abortion Journey, 1920–2018 (Earner-Byrne & Urquhart 2019)
  • Pregnant on Arrival: Making the Illegal Immigrant (Luibhéid 2013)
  • Crossing Troubled Waters: Abortion in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Prince Edward Island (MacQuarrie et al. 2018)
  • Reading Birth and Death: A History of Obstetric Thinking (Murphy-Lawless 1998)
  • Ireland’s Hidden Diaspora: The ‘Abortion Trail’ and the Making of a London-Irish Underground, 1980-2000 (Rossiter 2009)
  • Abortion and Nation: The Politics of Reproduction in Contemporary Ireland (Smyth 2005)
  • The Abortion Papers Ireland (Quilty et al. 2015)

Memoirs & Non-Fiction

  • In the Shadow of the Eighth: My Forty Years Working for Women’s Health in Ireland (Boylan 2019)
  • Constellations: Reflections From Life (Gleeson 2019)
  • It’s a Yes! How Together for Yes Repealed the Eighth and Transformed Irish Society (Griffin et al. 2019)
  • Republic of Shame: Stories from Ireland’s Institutions for ‘Fallen Women’ (Hogan 2019)
  • Savita: The Tragedy that Shook a Nation (Holland 2013)

Fiction, Poetry & Anthologies

  • Rise Up and Repeal: A Poetic Archive of the 8th Amendment (Bernstein & Brazil 2019)
  • In Her Shoes: Women of the 8th (Darcy 2020)
  • LARCS, Larks and Other Lovely Things (Leitrim ARC 2020)
  • Repeal the 8th (Mullally 2018)

Keep an Eye Out For…

  • Repealed: Ireland’s Unfinished Fight for Reproductive Justice (Fitzsimons et al. forthcoming)
  • Ireland and the Magdalene Laundries: A Campaign for Justice (O’Donnell et al. forthcoming)
Fieldwork during COVID-19 lockdown = a lot of reading in Holyrood Park
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